Econika devices
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NumberNameLocationLast connectionSoldLeaseComments
1Bozon N++Odessa 11Sartus(sin WiFi)
2Bozon N+Columbia 11 
3BozonTTurky 11Ruhi Shakir(instead of N1)
4Bozon N+Australia 11Edward
5Bozon++unknown 11 
6BozonTTurky 11Ruhi Shakir
7BozonTTurky 11Ruhi Shakir
8Bozon N++Odessa 11Mediakom
9Bozon N+Turky08-05-2020 15:56:0711Arzu
10Bozon N+Australia 11Edward
11Bozon N++Columbia 11 
12Bozon N+California 11 
13bozon N+Sweden05-05-2021 22:28:4711Mike
14bozon N++Chili12-07-2019 08:57:5311Chili
15Bozon N++unknown 11seems confused with 9 or instead
16Bozon N+Bulgary24-10-2019 12:24:1811Ceco, remove pictures
17Bozon N++home14-01-2021 17:12:4811 
18Bozon N+home14-11-2019 12:56:0811 
19Bozon N+home15-12-2020 12:20:5611calibration
20Bozon N+Bulgary07-05-2020 13:39:3111Bulgary
21BozonN+Philippines15-12-2020 12:44:5911 
22BozonN+Philippines15-12-2020 13:24:1311 
23BozonN+home22-04-2021 14:17:5311 
1024BozonN+home04-05-2021 16:32:4511